The Cars - Updated Dec 08

R.M.S.C.C. Cars

V1 - Audrey 1 (Siver Car)
We had been discussing car design for a while and Dunc had the inspired idea to base an RMSCC car on the larger scale cars we raced at in the Midlands and Leek. The design was very simple, and was aimed at keeping the car in the slot as much as possible. The Leek cars that Dunc had built had taken me to Silver and Dunc to Gold. Leek racing was all about staying on for 6 laps and you got extra points for doing so. Anyway the car pictured was a scaled down version of my Silver winning leek car - it pivioted at the rear axle and had a drop arm. It had no steering and a large guide. I admit that at the time it was designed to fully exploit the rules, nothing was illegal about the car - it just pushed car design / rules at the time. First time out at Nelson - it was too light and was unstable - however weight was gained at both sides of the sled and new front wheels (via Jon 91) were added. A few tweaks and the car was off. It was quick and nimble and had a habit of staying in the lane and taking a hit - it would hit too. It was really at home at Blackley winning me a few finals and a load of heats. It reacted like no other car and would open up and most of the time drop back in the lane. Most cars it was up against had solid front ends - so they reacted differently to this car. The car was never a big race winner at the main track at Nelson - it went well but could not match the steering cars for corner speed. Infact the car won no major events - I wasnt travelling as much and scaled down my racing.
Rightly so many of the features of the car were banned / outlawed at the next AGM - the slanted nerfs were a major reason as well as drop height and slot guide size. I contested and discussed these with admin and they were correct to ban parts of this car - for the general best interest of the club. I was a little down after this - we had not set out to annoy people but to look to inovate and try ideas. Its all water under the bridge for me and I discussed my feelings with admin at the time. All sorted!!!

V2 Audrey 2 (Yellow)
The car took some time as we had both lost a little interest. The V2 is the same sled as V1. The top chassis was re-built and radically off set (aka Batton Built F2) to try something different. The nefrs, drop and guide were all amended for the new rule book and the car was raced at the tri oval at Blackley. It was fast but didnt have the same go as V1. It was also (just raced) at the long Blackley track - but has not been raced again.
Jon 91 signed both cars - after I base painted them. The V2 looks the biz with my own design wing and grapich ideas. I love the fact that the car is different than the rest.
Will it be raced again in anger - you never know. All my gear is ready to roll - just the driver. Also 12th scale has really lit my imagination and takes up my time.
Thanks to Dunc for all his help with the car and design - Dan for checking out changes and general race day repairs and Jon 91 for signs and graphics.

Still going as the main car in my garage - ex sharples / heap racing car. Recent new motor has given it a new lease of life.
Paintwork has just been updated on this car by young Jon. A DS Racing offset special. To see building of this car :- 

This has some history! Ex Matt Heap, I bought it raced it and took a few finals with it. Then it was sold to Gary who hardly raced it, so I bought it back, then sold it it Chirs Clarke, 24 who is now the owner of this very good car!

Now Sold to new racer Rob (55) - This car was mainly used at my Denton track, again the car was purchased from Matt 95. The car was originally built by Duncan for himself and painted by Fubar signs.  Update - Rob won Novice of the year with this car - well done Rob!
Recently got back up and running with a new motor and braids. Needs a bit of set up, but an ideal loan car. This car has given me great service!
Dave's car built by DS Racing for Dave's 50th birthday painted by Gemsigns. Now retired - last seen in Duncs loft!

Model racing in the USA.

Left, main race car and after a season long battle over 16 meeting Jon won the Silver roof at Leek Slot Stox Club on 17th May 2004. He went in to the meeting 2 points ahead of he closest challenger, and after the two heats he had stretched the lead to 10 points. With only 10 points for a final win and getting 1 point for being in the final he had got the Silver roof before going on to get second in the Final. 

Car built by DS Racing & painted by Fubar signs, pictured in its silver top pint job. It runs a very special Parma motor - from PCH of Ventura California.

Duncan's car and Rab Unwin winner in 2002. Built by DS Racing, body was painted by Duncan and chassis painted by Gemsigns.
New car built by DS Racing after a Motor and U bracket was kindly denoted by Chris Clarke 24.