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Latest Update May 2005.

We have just returned from our holiday over in Santa Barbara, USA. Myself and my girlfriend visited Jamie and his wife, Jan, at their Santa Barbara home. While we were there, Jamie brought out his Berkeley so we could get some pictures.

Hopefully Jamie will email me with his racing plans for the Berkeley, He has applied for several historic races, one at the famous Laguna Seca racetrack, and an another down in San Diego on an old airfield which is converted in to a racetrack for the weekend. I wish Jamie luck with his racing.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Jamie, Jan and Ellie for their hospitality, especially Jan, as she had to put up with mine and Jamie's constant stock car talk!

A selection of pictures taken in March 2005.

A selection of Jamie`s lovingly restored racing Berkeley. Taken on the drive outside his Santa Barbara home.
A great shot of the drivers seat, notice the mix of old and new. The original wheel, wooden gear knob, original dials, compliment the modern bucket seat, 5 point harness and modern rev counter.
Jamie and Jans dog, Harry, enjoying a rest in the car!
Harry and Jamie, posing in the Santa Barbara sunshine.

USA 99 ~ Jamie Pfeifer - Racing CV

Jamie Pfeifer was born in Santa Barbara California on June 11th 1944.  He has raced many sorts of stock cars and vintage race cars ever since 1970 and still races to this day.  His racing career started at Saugus Speedway in north Los Angeles where he won many Main Events and Trophy Dash Races in the late model stock car class.  In one year in the mid-70's he won more Trophy Dash races which are run between the four fastest cars of the night,  than any other driver.  These prestigious races are often presented by a celebrity and Jamie got to meet the actor James Garner of "Rockford Files" fame on many occasions as he was and still is a great stock car race fan from just down the road in Hollywood.

  Jamie moved to Santa Maria raceway which is nearer to his Santa Barbara home and again won many races there, where his talents were spotted by Dave Ashworth and George Rimmer, long time stock car fans who were at that time campaigning for more Dutch and American drivers for the "world finals" some of which in the 60's and 70's didn't actually have any "foreign" drivers.   Dave eventually persuaded the management of Belle Vue Stadium to invite Jamie for the 1978 World Final where he raced alongside EVACO  Dutch grass track racers and his friend Frank Burgin of Santa Maria California.

 The Bob Tanser Car

Taken at Northampton International Raceway or Brafield as it used to be known.
Approx Aug 1978.  These pictures were taken by a lifelong BriSCA fan who answered an email from Dave Ashworth.  We will try and get his details so we can credit him for these excellent pictures.
Taken after Jamie had a big Fire at Bradford.  The car was badly damaged, but the Tanser crew made hasty repairs to get it running for this meeting, Jamie also stayed up all night to re paint the car himself. 
The Picture below on the left shows an incident with Mick Noden, which Jamie remembers well, Noden made a move to pass Jamie, but Jamie held his line, Noden climbed up  on the inside and took them both to the fence.  Looks like it was Nodens fault!

He did so well that he was invited again in 1980 for the Coventry World Final where he was actually third into the first lap, but the race was immediately stopped and he did not finish the re-run.  However Jamie was so good that he also raced at many other tracks including Bradford, Leicester, Northampton, Newton Abbot, Hednesford and Long Eaton in Formula 1, and Hot Rod classes.  He managed to qualify for several "Finals" in several borrowed cars but most successfully in the Mo Masters of Daventry car which was a superb Stock Car which Jamie still gratefully acknowledges.

The Mo Masters Car

The Bob Tanser car (seen in the first set of pictures) had not run well since the big Bradford fire, so in 1978 Jamie was offered the use of the very competitive Mo Masters car #9 for the actual World Final race, the car was powered by a 454 big block Chevy and for its time was state of the art.  Jamie raced this car at the 1978 world final staged at Belle Vue - Picture above on the right in black and white was shot taken by Ray Liddy at the Belle Vue WF meeting.
The colour pictures - These were taken in 1980 on Jamie's 2nd UK visit where he raced at the Coventry staged world final.  These were taken by Dave Ashworth in the pits at the special overseas practice day before the world final.  Mo Masters again offered his car, which Jamie re painted in his colours.  This was the car and paint scheme that Duncan and Glen re created in a model for Jamie this year.
This picture - On the left hand side you can see the 2nd American car for the 1980 world final - that was Phil Libby from Portland Maine, who raced a Wainman hire car.  This Picture shows Mo Masters stood on the right.

In the 90's Jamie swapped to Vintage Racing at Laguna Seca Monterey,  Sears Point San Francisco, and Coronado  San Diego,  racing his British (Biggleswade) built Berkley vintage car which is powered by a Royal Enfield motorbike engine.   For a short time he also raced a NASCAR Mini-Stocks West Coast  series race car at Kern County Raceway in Lancaster California but even though he was again successful in the number of races won it was quite an expensive formula to race in and the raceway was out in the Californian desert many miles from his Santa Barbara home, and he put his efforts and money into vintage car racing.  This year after his 60th birthday he will still be racing up the coast in Monterrey and surely after such an illustrious racing career in many various formulas of  race cars he deserves to be nominated and invited to the BriSCA veterans race this year.

  A short postscript to this story was that Jamie managed to get a race at Santa Maria Speedway for 265 Rob Bradsell during a holiday over there and Rob upset the locals by spinning out the leader in their strictly no contact late model class.  !   !   Nice one Rob  !

    Dave Ashworth    Reddish.

If anyone has picture's or stories of Jamie, could you please me.

And Now.

Jamie with the Berkeley in the pits. Jamie racing at Laguna Seca.

Model R.M.S.C.C. Car

Jamie was very pleased with the model car I had built for him. It took pride of place in the display cabinet along with crystal from his historical racing.
Crystal that Jamie has won through his historical racing at Laguna Seca and Monterey. The man himself in full OMP fireproof racewear.  Jamie is stood in his kitchen of his Santa Barbara home.

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