Third Meeting - 5th March 2004

Club Car Meeting

12 racers were welcomed to the 3rd meeting at Denton Raceway. This was a club car meeting which planed to be a fun night. The race format was:- Lane started from superstar, lane two from blue, lane three from yellow and lane four from white. The luck of the draw for which car you got would mean very equal racing.

One new face Gary Osborne, of the Buxton and Belle Vue fame was having a go. Gary is a regular at the BriSCA raceways and is an active remote control racer and he was now ready to take up the Denton challenge. Also long time R.M.S.C.C. member - Geoff Breeze was have a go after a long lay off. Geoff was the promoter at Reddish Slot Stox club and was the reason why myself and my Dad started to race, he also introduced me to R.M.S.C.C. via Les Cotton back in the early 90's. It was great to have Geoff Back.

Geoff and Gary lined up in heat one along with Dunc, Richard, Chris Crewe and young Jon. Geoff got straight back in to the grove and kept his car in the grove while others kept coming off. The club cars were hard to handle but in lane four you could power slide round, just like racing at Coventry! After some very close racing Chris Crewe took the overall win, followed by young Jon who had just beaten Geoff on racing wins.

From left to right - BIG N, Gary Osborne making his R.M.S.C.C. debut and Chris Clark (24 From left to right - Geoff Breeze making a return to racing, Jon (Promoter) Ashworth and Steve (Budgie) Burgess

Heat 2 and I took up the early running however Chris Clark wasn't far behind, Chris either fell off or won. However he won more then he fell off and took the win, followed by me, Steve Heap drove well in his second meeting to take 3rd, BIG N, Pete and Budgie fought for the lower positions.

Eight racers made the consolation, all club cars were used and with only two places were up for grabs in the final.

BIG N took up the early running and took a good lead, however Pete started to race well (or the beer took effect) and slowly over took BIG N. Richard was struggling - he don't score for 2 lanes but was having fun. Dunc raced well and took the overall win. It was close for second - Pete took it by just one point from BIG N.

Thanks to my mum who supplied food during the break, as usual it was lovely! Thanks mum.

Final time - Myself both Chris's, Pete, Dunc and young Jon lined up. Pete took up the early running, followed by Dunc. In fact it was between these to for the win. Pete had the better last lane and took the win and the chocolate. Dunc got second followed by Chris Clack. This was a fun race with plenty of action. Well done Pete. 

Final Winner Pete (88) and promoter
Luckily this was the last race of the night for this car

Every body wanted  to stay for the GN, Rachael even turn up, but didn't want to race this time. I split the racer up into 2 GN - the highest point score would win some chocolate. Mr Promoter (Me) took the first GN win with 17 points followed by Geoff and Budgie.

The second GN was won by young Jon with a score of 20 points, so he took the overall GN win and the chocolate.

Action from the Grand National GN Winner Jon (91) and Promoter

That ended a great night - the club cars ran really well - I managed to break one though!! (Sorry Dunc). Everyone had a great night and enjoyed themselves. Gary looked keen to race again, and booked himself in at Littleborough. Geoff also had a good night and was keen to race again.

We will be back for the first Denton points meeting on the 15th April. I'm looking forward to it. Keep your eye on our website for a booking updates.

JON 92.

Format Staggered start with lane 1 starting at Superstar, lane 2 at Blue, lane 3 at Yellow and lane 4 at white. 
Heat 1 Heat 2 Con Final GN
15 - Chris 24 - Chris 6 - Dunc 88 - Pete 91 - Jon
91 - Jon 92 - Jon 88 - Pete 6 - Dunc 92 - Jon
Geoff Breeze 94 - Ste 10 - BIG N 24 - Chris Geoff Breeze
7 - Richard 10 - BIG N 389 - Steve 15 - Chris 10 - BIG N
6 - Dunc 88 - Pete 94 - Ste 92 - Jon 15 - Chris
Gary Osborne 389 - Steve Geoff Breeze 91 - Jon 7 - Richard
    7 - Richard   389 - Steve
    Gary Osborne   88 - Pete
        24 - Chris
        94 - Ste
        6 - Dunc
        Gary Osborne

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