Eighth Meeting - Thursday 8th July 2004

This was quick turnaround, only 2 weeks had passed since the last meeting at the Denton raceway.  Anyway I had another maximum turnout of 14 racers. I just wish I had a bit more room to watch and a bit more room for a few more racers, I suppose it would spoil the character of the place!  I think its now part of the Denton experience to have a lot of fun changing lanes and squeezing in around the top bend to watch the racing. Anyway back to the meeting, Pete Stanford Denton raceways new official photographer started early with some great snaps from the practise session! Hopefully Dunc will find these pictures and put them on the report. Due to my selection of dates (I promise I didn't know it would work like that when I picked the dates back in winter), the new gradings hadn't started but would come in to effect after the next Nelson meeting .  This worked well for Kirky and Richard, Richard is due to move to Super Star and Kirky (about time) is due to move to blue.

 2 heats of 7 were on the cards, first 2 from each, along with 2 from the consolation going into the Final. The Denton track championship is tight, so this meeting would help decide who would take an advantage going in to the last meeting in August.

Some times thing start off track and then continue on to the track. 
From left to right. Chris, Cath and her 3rd favourite racer Richard. From left to right. Cath 38 and Chris 15.

Heat 1 - Kicked off a bit quiet, maybe a few racers could see points coming their way if they took it easy.  Young Jon took the early lead in the scores with a solid performance in lane 1, I followed Jon with Dunc not far behind.  After the 2nd set of races Young Jon had taken out quite a lead.  Dunc and myself had lost ground and Pete was struggling a bit on his 1st lane.  Chris Crewe then took the advantage and scored well.  Cath was doing well in a hard heat and took some well deserved wins.
Young Jon had done enough at the start of the race to take the win with 35 points, Dunc had a great set of later lanes, but it wasn't enough and Chris took 2nd with 31 points.  The rest of us would be in the consolation.

Dunc and Promoter (Jon) in side ways action. Heat 1 winner Jon 91 with promoter

Heat 2 - I wasn't sure if Nige and Kirky were running late, as I know the M62 can be a bit busy early evening.  I had gridded them in heat 2 along with Geoff who also looked to be running a little late.  Anyway all 3 turned up well on time!  Nige and Kirky had been in a local pub The Dane Bank and had been enjoying a fine pint! Hil took heat 2 by the scruff of the neck and looked really fast on the
middle lanes, however Kirky, from his yellow starting grade, made the race look easy and kept winning! Geoff looked quick in my spare car, but caught Richards bumper a few times or was that the other way round!  Also Gary had decided to try his ex Holgate car around Denton, it looked fast, if a little loose with contact. Hil dropped back a bit on the inside lanes, which was a shame as she had been racing really well.  Richard had done enough to take 2nd with 32 points behind Kirky who had got a massive 40 points.  Richard had a fun race with Nige, plenty of bumper working going on!!  Budge took a strong 3rd from red, followed by Hil, Gary and Geoff.

Richard miss times an attack on Gary. Heat 2 winner Kirky with promoter

Consolation - 10 racers were going to fight it out for 2 places.  As usual on the shorter tracks the consolation race is often a cracker, as racers know they have to score quick points to do well. I took up the early running on lane 1, I had finally worked out how to get round lane one!! You would have thought I could have done that by now, especially as it's my track!! Pete was next to make his move with some strong race wins and 2nds.  Dunc had a slow start, but as usual finished strongly, but unfortunately not enough to catch Pete and myself.  I took the win ahead of Pete, just the 1 point in it and another 3 points to 3rd.  Unfortunately I missed some of this race as I was catching up with my mum and Rach who had kindly helped with the brews and food!! Looking at the score sheet I can see a lot of non finishes for Nige and Dave who were lined up next to each other I can only assume that there was some bumper work going on with those 2!  I'm also hoping that a photographer got some pictures!

Geoff and Budge disposing of the yellows. Budge in action at track level.

Final Time - This was sponsored by my mum and dad, with a real nice engraved plaque up for the winner. Richard took up the early running and had a good start on lane 3.  Then Kirky and myself clawed our way back in the running.  Chris struggled a bit on the inner lanes.  However this race would be down to 2 racers. Pete had a straight set of wins on lane 1 and took 20 points!  Young Jon
wasn't far behind with his 2nd lane he scored 16. This was a tight race for the win. Going in to the last set of races Young Jon was on 30 points, Pete 37.  However Jon couldn't quite outscore Pete enough to take the win.  So Pete took a well deserved win (after a few quiet weeks) with 41 points, followed by Young Jon with 37 points.  Richard took 3rd and a hat full of track championship points, then Kirky 4th, myself 5th and Chris 6th. A great race!

Final winner Pete with meeting sponsor Dave and promoter GN fun with no fielding from left to right Hil, Pete, Gary and Richard in the fence.

GN Time - 12 cars took to the track. There is only 1 more GN to go, so far it is very close at the top of the GN championship point table, remember only the top 4 points scorers go through to the GN championship final shoot out!  This is a winner takes all race. Team Big have kindly offered to sponsor this race, which I know will be a cracker! I think most racers knew that it's going to be hard to make this race, so most went for the points!  This made for some good racing, with some good bumper work and also some subtle use of the bumper to move dead cars to ensure you get the points. There were some good scraps in this race, however it was Dunc that took advantage of his gridding (all finalists start on the back straight, and the final winner starts behind them, I understand this is an old R.M.S.C.C rule when GN points went towards overall gradings) anyway this grid had worked at Littleborough and at Denton.  I feel it makes the GN championship that little more harder. Dunc took a good win with 37 points, followed by Geoff and then Nigel.

Kirky been dumped out of the Grand National. Grand National winner Dunc with promoter.

Another great night of racing.  Dunc took home some chocolate for his GN win, also Kirky and Young Jon took home some Les Cadburys Fingeres for their heat wins.

As always massive thanks to my parents for the trophy and continued sponsorship with sausage roles and pies.  Also thanks to Gary for bringing some extra drinks and to Dunc for fixing some more durable connectors to the track and battery.

The next meeting will be on the 19th August, this will be the last one for the Denton Summer season.  I haven't seen the championship points as yet, but I can bet it's very close at the top. My Dad is sponsoring the meeting Final the winner will take the annual Tip Top Trophy, which the winner will keep for a year. We will also be running the GN championship final shoot out, which will be the last race on the bill.  This has been kindly sponsored by Team Big and a nice trophy will be up for grabs. Thanks Team Big! Role on next meeting!!!!!

Keep an eye on the web site for more updates!

Enjoy your racing!
Jon 92.

Heat 1 Heat 2 Con Final GN
91 - Jon 46 - Kirky 92 - Jon 88 - Pete 6 - Dunc
15 - Chris 7 - Richard 88 - Pete 91 - Jon 12 - Geoff
6 - Dunc 389 - Steve 6 - Dunc 7 - Richard 10 - BIG N
88 - Pete 73 - Hil 12 - Geoff 46 - Kirky 73 - Hil
92 - Jon 53 - Gary 73 - Hil 92 - Jon 46 - Kirky
38 - Cath 12 - Geoff 10 - BIG N 15 - Chris 7 - Richard
93 - Dave 10 - BIG N 53 - Gary   92 - Jon
    389 - Steve   88 - Pete
    93 - Dave   38 - Cath
    38 - Cath   53 - Gary
        91 - Jon
        15 - Chris