Fifth Meeting - Friday 28th May 2004

At 11.30am I was sat at work and the weather was fine, by 12.30pm it was a light drizzle, by the time I left work it was raining cats and dogs!! Great!! The plans to race outside under the lights were well and truly off!! I was gutted as we had the lights and the track was in perfect condition. However I know the last meeting had been fantastic and looking at the bookings for tonight's meeting, I know it was still going to be a great meeting even though we were in doors.

From left to right:- BIG N, Kirky Jon(92) and Geoff. From left to right:- Chris Crewe and Catherine Prior.

The meeting saw two new racers who had not raced at Denton before (Cath and Hil) it was great to have them booked in. - Welcome to Denton Raceway. Fourteen drivers were booked in, as usual this made it tight in my flat!!

Heat 1 saw Cath make a great start, followed by Big J. Geoff came on later and also made a good start. Most drivers struggled on the outer lanes however the racing was very tight and there was a lot of bumper work. When Big J got on the inside lanes he won ever race from the Yellow line. This propelled him to first in the heat with 46 points, It was a lot closer for that all important second spot. There was four points between fifth place and second. Geoff took the second spot with 27 points finally Geoff was finding his feet, He had won the point championship for R.M.S.C.C. back in the early ninety's.

Heat 2 - can be a fun changing lanes may be to much? Chris Crewe being fenced by?

Heat 2 was another hectic affair, Gary took up the early running from the superstar spot. hot on his heels was young Jon. Richard also had a great start on lane one he maxed it was five wins, Chris Crewe was also fast but his car was equally as quick out the outer lanes and this ultimately gave him the advantage and he took the heat win, followed by Richard who just beat young Jon by race wins. Again this was another hard race in particular Richard and Big N who were have a fun time with the bumpers flying in.

Consolation time and ten racers fought hard for the final two spots in the final. This was a great race at one stage you had 3 red plus a superstar in the race (see below right picture). It was a very hectic start to the race!! At the end if the race Duncan took the win with 26 points, followed by Budgie on 25 points, again very tight with only four points between the top five.

Kirky and Chris Clark being dispatch by Richard Red top lining up for a consolation race.


The stakes were raised for the final as a nice medal was up for the winner. Big J took the early lead followed by Richard. Dunc was also fast but could not make the most of lane one, Chris Crewe and Budgie both faded and it was between Big, Dunc and Richard for the final win. Richard was closest at the last lane, but Geoff had a great run and won all 5 which meant Richard could not catch Big J who took the final win from Duncan And Richard then Geoff, Chris Crewe and Budgie. Another cracking race and well done to Big J.

At this time Rachel and Julia had turned on the last episode of Friends, it was fun finding out how many racers were Friends fans. They had all huddled around the TV.

None racer enjoying the last episode of Friends, From left to right:- Promoters Mum, Julia and Rachel and the legs in the right belong to Big J. And some racers enjoying the last episode of Friends as well, From left to right:- Richard, Kirky hiding behind Richard, BIG N and Chris Crewe.

All fourteen racers stayed for the grand national, this was a good race, again Richard and Big N were using the bumpers but it was Gary that took a well deserved victory followed by young Jon. 

Last thing we run was an all comers race or a boozy grand national. Eight racers took to the track, Kirky was again picked on but gave as good as he got. This was a right laugh for the record, Dunc took the win followed by Chris and myself (finally done something on my own track). 

Final Winner Big J and promoter.

Grand National Winner Gary Osborne and promoter.

Thanks again to my Mum and Dad for the food and Medal for final winner.


Jon 92

Heat 1 Heat 2 Con Final GN
64 - Big J 15 - Chris 6 - Dunc 64 - Big J 53 - Gary
12 - Geoff 7  - Richard 389 - Steve 6 - Dunc 91 - Jon
73 - Hil 91 - Jon 92 - Jon 7  - Richard 64 - Big J
6 - Dunc 10 - BIG N 91 - Jon 12 - Geoff 10 - BIG N
92 - Jon 53 - Gary 73 - Hil 15 - Chris 7  - Richard
389 - Steve 24 - Chris 38 - Cath 389 - Steve 6 - Dunc
46 - Kirky 38 - Cath 10 - BIG N   46 - Kirky
    46 - Kirky   38 - Cath
    24 - Chris   73 - Hil
    53 - Gary   12 - Geoff
        92 - Jon
        24 - Chris
        389 - Steve
        15 - Chris

Helter Skelter Race

6 - Dunc 15 - Chris 92 - Jon 64 - Big J 91 - Jon 46 - Kirky 10 - BIG N 24 - Chris