First Meeting - Thursday 11th December 2003

11 racers took up the challenge of Denton raceway on a cold December night. My small flat was a hive of activity, racers boxes or in Pete's case a massive transport box took up every spare space. Most headed for the track to get a few practise laps expect Team big who arrived first but went to the local pub !! They did make it back for heat 1. 

The draw included myself and my Dad (Dave) who hadn't raced for around three years. I had invited my dad for a practise night the week before his answer was " Willie Harrison didn't have to practise, and I don't need to either!" I can't say anymore. Young Jon  took lane 1 in his Gemtec Lou Wobbs replica, Dunc fellow track builder took up lane 4, Kirky  and Big N took 5 & 6. Dave struggled, but Kirky was flying and took the win. The racing was tight and hard but fun.

Heat 2 saw Chris, Matt, Pete, Sarah and Big J take up the Denton challenge. Matt was racing a Glen spare which was flying, He made most of his yellow starting grade and with a quick car took the win with Big J second.

By the consolation everybody had started to get the hang of the tight and twisty track. Breaking had been adjusted and racers started to take move risks. This added up to quicker racing. A nine car consolation tested the organisation and logistics of holding a meeting in a small flat. Watching the lane change was fun but by now we all got the hang of it. Glen had take up a semi permanent fielding position on turn two, With the starter making most of our flexible starting switch.

This was a fun race - Big J made the most his lane one start but fell away slightly on the outer lanes. Big N also looked good, but wasn't consistent as he would have liked. Mr Promoter (Me) took the race win, followed by the ever quicker Sarah, the last place for the final went to Dunc with help of a club car on lane four to make it a five car final. Before the final my Mum had helped prepare a good spread of food. Thanks Mum!!!

Car lined up for a race in Final

The final was fast and furious and ended up a two way race between Kirky and Matt. However in the last set of lanes Matt won ever race! and went on to win the final Kirky got a strong second followed by me, Sarah and Dunc. 

From left to right;- Dave Ashworth meeting sponsor, Matt Heap Final Winner and Promoter Jon Ashworth.

10 racers took to the track for the GN race. The GN race has no fielding so on the tight track this was going to be tricky. The logistics were really tested in this one. We also had three starters/scorers (thanks Guys) Mr GN Pete had a storming race and made up for a quiet meeting to take the GN win, followed by Chris (who had found a quick short track car out of his many cars!) and then young Jon who had started to find his feet.

A great end to a great night of racing. Nobody lost their shoes! All had enjoyed the night and my first taste of promoting had been good, roll on the next meeting.

JON 92

Click here for some video footage from first meeting:- 

Heat 1 Heat 2 Con Final GN
46 - Kirky 95 - Matt  92 - Jon 95 - Matt  88 - Pete
91 - Jon 64 - Big J 8 - Sarah 46 - Kirky 64 - Big J
92 - Jon 15 - Chris 6 - Dunc 92 - Jon 15 - Chris
10 - BIG N 88 - Pete 15 - Chris 8 - Sarah 91 - Jon
6 - Dunc 8 - Sarah 10 - BIG N 6 - Dunc 95 - Matt 
93 - Dave   91 - Jon   10 - BIG N
    64 - Big J   6 - Dunc
    88 - Pete   93 - Dave
    93 - Dave   92 - Jon
        46 - Kirky