Forth Meeting - Thursday 15th April 2004

A record 14 drivers took to the raceway for the 1st points scoring meeting at Denton. Glen came along to act as pit crew and to assist with fielding, also Rachael and her friend Julia made it 17 people in my small flat, it was a bit tight!

Heat 1 - Nige and Richard took up the early running, Dunc struggled from the back, but all reds and superstars found it hard going! Geoff looked good, but was a little rusty.  Young Jon started strong, but struggled on the outer lanes.  However the star of the heat was Budge 389 who was racing my spare car, he took an early lead and nobody could catch him.  Jon took 2nd spot and the 2nd place in final.  The racing was close an tight, 3 drivers tied on 15 points, and I had to count back on 4th places!!!

Heat 2 - This was about Matt and Gary.  Gary is really starting to find his feet with his ex Dunc car, Matt as always is quick, and is really a bit too good to be at yellow.  Chris got close to Matt but Matt piped him on race wins.  Dave looked good in his new DS racing car, however he was stuck next to me and Pete who were having a good battle, but not scoring a lot of points.  Sarah also struggled, but she would have her moment in the Consolation.

New car on Show for 93 Dave Ashworth. Pete trying a new way to get passed Richard.

Consolation - 10 cars, this was a big race! Nige had swapped cars and was running his Nelson Gemtec car.  He was suddenly a lot faster.  What this had to do with the Final prize of some Haribo stock cars I don't know! Anyway Nige was away and took the win.  This left the rest of us fighting for the last final place.  The reds were struggling, but Richard made the best headway, he got 3rd, and was gutted!  Pete drove steady to take 2nd and the last place in final.  Sarah, Dunc and Richard swapped paint all race, the final straw was Dunc planting a bit hit on Sarah and then Sarah hitting Dunc on the arm!!! Owww!!! Don't mess with Sarah!!!

Consolation winner BIG N here in his GN car.

Final Winner Steve Burgess and promoter.

Final Time - 95, 88, 53, 91, 10 and 389.

This was a good race. Matt took up the early running with a clean sweep of lane 1, however from that point on he dropped points on the outer lanes.  Budge started slowly, but was on the inside of Matt and picked up more points.  These two were really the only ones in it, however Pete, Jon, Nige, Chris and Gary had a good scrap for the other places.  Gary looked good later on in the race, but Budge had done enough to take the win and his 2nd final win at Denton.  Gary sneaked ahead of Matt for 2nd, Matt was third (Sarah wasn't happy as no sweets for her!!), Nige took 4th, Jon 5th and Pete 6th.

GN - Another fun race, 11 cars took to the track.  Dunc and Richard had a good race, and swapped paint throughout.  Jon and Pete couldn't line up at the back correctly, both of them getting wound up!!! No pulling faces at Denton fellas!!! Big J, who had a quiet night, pulled out the stops for the win.  Budge was close to clean sweep and took 2nd, followed by myself (who had a poor night).

Action from the GN. from left to right :- Geoff, Steve, Big J and Richard in the fence.

Grand National Winner Big J. 

Anyway it was a great night - we all had fun.  It was great to see Geoff back and enjoying his racing, Gary looked fast.  Well done to Budge who is now up to yellow and has taken an early lead in the Denton track championship

Thanks to my dad for supplying extra food (I don't think I bought enough!) - my main sponsor (mum) was still not feeling 100% after her recent America holiday - jet lag eh! Thanks to Rachael too - she kept asking to help me, but I had done most of it, she then started the Sherk quiz - which Big J won!!! Students eh!!!

Thanks to all - see you in May for the outdoor floodlit meeting (if it doesn't rain!!)

 JON 92

Click here for some video footage of last race in GN:- 

Heat 1 Heat 2 Con Final GN
389 - Steve 53 - Gary 10 - BIG N 389 - Steve 64 - Big J
91 - Jon 95 - Matt 88 - Pete 53 - Gary 389 - Steve
7 - Richard 15 - Chris 7 - Richard 95 - Matt 92 - Jon
64 - Big J 93 - Dave 12 - Geoff 10 - BIG N 15 - Chris
6 - Dunc 8 - Sarah 64 - Big J 91 - Jon 6 - Dunc
12 - Geoff 92 - Jon 92 - Jon 88 - Pete 7 - Richard
10 - BIG N 88 - Pete 93 - Dave   91 - Jon
    6 - Dunc   88 - Pete
    8 - Sarah   53 - Gary
    15 - Chris   12 - Geoff
        10 - BIG N