Ninth Meeting - Thursday 19th August 2004

This was the last meeting of the season at Denton raceway, there were 3 people fighting for the track championship, Richard was leading, Young Jon was closest and Dunc still had a good chance.  There was also the lovely Grand National championship trophy up for grabs, which had been kindly sponsored by Team Big.  This was going to be a great meeting.

The night started with a presentation for my Mum - she has helped out at every meeting with brews and food.  A small collection was undertaken and I presented my mum with a bouquet of flowers (Venray style!) Thanks guys for your support with the collection.

Promoter and Mum Geoff debuts new car.

15 drivers took up the challenge - Neil 22 had dropped out due to a driving lesson, however Chris Crewe was on the reserve list and came along.  I also got another surprise when Big J turned up, it was good to see him.  My dad offered to sit this one out, but I wanted all to race.  As normal it was 2 through from each heat and 2 from the consolation.

Heat 1 - 7 drivers fought this one out. Geoff #12 started this one off.  He had brought along his self built newie - this is a lovely car with the Breeze trade mark spray paintjob.  The pictures don't give it justice.  The car looked great but needs a bit of sorting.  I am sure Geoff will be on the pace soon.  Gary took an early lead in the heat, however he was caught by Hil, who was racing the Fubar spare car and was really motoring round the Denton track.  Young Jon also looked good, he knew he had to qualify for the final to keep the pressure on Richard for the track championship.  This race also saw the return of my cousin Stephen, who was racing the ex Sarah Sharples DS racing car - he looked a bit rusty, but when he got it together he was hard to catch.  In the end Hil took a great win, followed by Young Jon.  Stephen took a strong 3rd.  Dunc scored a lowly 6th place - he must have been sandbagging - Ronitz style!!!

From front to back:- Dave, Kirky, Big N and Steve. Promoter with heat 1 winner Hil.

Heat 2 saw 8 cars take to the Denton oval - Nigel took the early lead and looked good.  He seemed to raise his game in this one. Budge was not far behind him - Budge has done well from Red and showed a great turn of speed.  Richard and Kirky were also running well.  Richard knew he had to qualify for the final to keep his lead in the track championship.  Richard won this heat at a canter but had to work hard for his race wins.  It was close for 2nd - Kirky just beat Nigel 38 points to 34,  I failed to make the grade - I think I need to use the bumper a bit more if I want to challenge Dunc and Richard for silver.

Return to racing for Big J. Promoter with heat 2 winner Richard.

Consolation time - A monster race with 11 cars.  All racers knew this was going to be tight and that points were going to be hard to come by.  Nige took up the early lead - he looked well up for this, he was followed by Dunc who knew that he had to get in the final to keep pressure on Richard and Young Jon.  The results was very tight.  Dunc did enough to take the win, the fight for 2nd was very close - Geoff, Chris and Nige were tied on 23 points - however Nige took it on count back with more heat wins.

GN sponsors Team BIG in action in the consolation. Promoter with consolation winner Dunc.

Final time - Richard, Young Jon and Dunc were all in this one, Richard had probably done enough to take the championship, however Young Jon took this one to the wire, with extra pressure from Dunc.  Nige took up the early running from the yellow line.  However Dunc had the bit between his teeth and scored a max on lane 1.  This set him up for a great score and the win.  There was some great races in this one and some good battles.  In the end Dunc took a strong win, followed by Nige who raced really well, and showed that he can run with the best.  Young Jon took 3rd, Richard 4th, Kirky 5th and Hil 6th.  A great race.  Dunc took the tip top trophy - which my mum and dad kindly supplied, he looked pleased with his win - this would keep the pressure on for the silver. 

Young Jon and Kirky in action in the final. Final winner Dunc with meeting sponsor Dave with the Tip Top trophy.

GN - Dunc was constantly updating the points through the night - he was the only one guaranteed a place in the GN championship, the other 3 places were well open.  For a GN this was a very tight and quite serious (well not took much - this is Denton)  I finally got things right and took my starting advantage in both hands.  However a lot of racers raised their game for this one, knowing that a place in the GN championship was up for grabs.  Young Jon raced well from the back to take a strong 2nd place, I took the win and Richard also raced well to take 3rd.  Nige and Big J were also in the running, but Big J was a little rusty and Nige was running from the half lap handicap.  In the end Young Jon and myself had done enough to make the GN championship grid, along with Gary and then Dunc, who would be on the pole. Also the track championship was decided - Richard took it, he just carried enough points through from the last meeting.  Young Jon fought hard for 2nd followed by Dunc.  Well done to all 3, they had all raced well and it was great to see the championship go right to the end.  They had all raced hard and fair - Thanks guys.

Stephen in the grand national. Summer 2004 Track Champion - Richard
Heat 1 Heat 2 Con Final GN
Hil - 73 Richard - 7 Dunc - 6 Dunc - 6 Jon  - 92
Jon - 91 Kirky - 46 BIG N - 10 BIG N - 10 Jon - 91
Stephen - 94 BIG N - 10 Geoff - 12

Chris - 15

Jon - 91 Richard - 7

Gary - 53

Chris - 15 Jon  - 92 Richard - 7
Gary - 53 Big J - 64 Stephen - 94 Kirky - 46 Cath - 38
Dunc - 6 Steve - 389 Gary - 53 Hil - 73 Big J - 64
Geoff - 12 Cath - 38 Steve - 389   Dunc - 6
  Dave - 93 Jon  - 92   BIG N - 10
    Dave - 93   Chris - 15
    Cath - 38

Big J - 64

  Stephen - 94
      Kirky - 46
        Geoff - 12
        Hil - 73

The final race of the night was a 4 way shoot out - Dunc and Gary started from Blue, myself and Young Jon from red.  It was scored like a final, so wins gained 2 extra points. Dunc started on pole and took up the early running, Gary wasn't quite quick enough to apply the first lap pressure on Dunc, myself and Jon then found it hard to catch Dunc on the outer lanes.  Dunc's lead was only eaten in to when Young Jon got on the inner lanes. However it wasn't enough to stop Dunc taking the win and the lovely trophy which Team Big kindly sponsored.  A great race with a lot of bumper work - well done Dunc.

Grand National Final action. GN Final Winner Dunc with sponsors Team Big.
Grand National Championship
Dunc - 6 Jon - 91 Jon - 92 Gary - 53
Track Championship
Richard - 7 Jon - 91 Dunc -6

Well that wrapped up a fantastic season at Denton raceway - the final presentations were fun and all race winners took away a prize.  I have really enjoyed the racing this season - its been really fun from the start.  I cant believe how quickly the time has gone since myself and Dunc built the track.  There are a lot of thanks to go out - Dunc for his continued support, excellent technical background and his track maintenance skills.  My mum and dad for their support with the food and catering.  Team Big for the sponsorship, Littleborough raceway (Pete) for their sponsorship.  Rachael for her support, understanding and patience.  Young Jon for helping clean the tapes and help with car scrutineering. Dunc and Glen for the lovely track championship trophy (its a beauty).  However the biggest thanks go to all who have raced at Denton - you have made it!  I've had no strops, just fun racing with lots of bumper work and great races.  Thanks guys.

Club Car meeting is next - 16th September and then next season starts in October - the winter season will hopefully be another cracker.  I am really proud to have been given a qualifier too - maybe I can push for a semi final!!! he he

See you trackside - Thanks Jon #92.