Seventh Meeting - Thursday 24th June 2004

Whites & Yellows Meeting

The night saw 13 drivers take up the challenge of Denton raceway.  The start time had been hastily moved to 7pm as England were playing Portugal in the Quarter finals of the Euro championships (anyway less of football). The majority of racers were rooting for England, but all had come to race and to win!
The meeting was kindly sponsored by my mum and dad with another medallion for the final winner.  Pete Stanford had also come up with sponsorship Chocolate eggs and after eights on behalf of the other R.M.S.C.C short track, Littleborough Raceway  Thanks to my Mum, Dad and Pete for their sponsorship and support!

The heats were not as mixed as normal, Dave (my dad), Nige and Kirky were going to be running a little late so there were a few more reds in heat 1.

Promoter new badge made by Rachael with crayons apparently she's not allowed anything sharper.  The Cath and Hil Prior in action in heat 1.

Heat 1 - There were some good racers out in this one.  Young Jon and the vastly improving Hil took up the early running.  Pete looked quick, but his quality Gemtec car wasn't too happy with a lot of contact.  Budge had a slow start, he wasn't struggling from red though!  Gary also had a good
start, Gary has recently bought the ex Ste Holgate Cronny car, but he didn't risk this car round Denton Raceway. The star of this race was Richard he had a new motor in his car after he had literally burnt the old one out at Nelson.  Richard took a max in lane 1, followed by a load of high places.  He took an easy win with 41 points. Young Jon could have made it a bit more challenging for Richard, however he had a poor lane 3 and lost a lot of points.  Hill took 3rd, only 3 point behind Young Jon.  Gary took 4th, Cath 5th, Pete 6th and Budge 7th. Top 2 through!

Budgie trying a new racing line. Budgie trying another new racing line.
Heat 1, Winner Richard with promoter Is Pete having a go at Richard? 

Heat 2 - Nige, Kirky and my Dad arrived in time for this one.  Heat 2 was very very close!!  6 drivers took to the raceway. I took up the early running, I was using my short track car (ex Dunc car)
and it was well suited to the track.  Dave was struggling with his new and excellent painted car (thanks to DS racing and Gemsigns), but he did start to find his feet later in the race. Kirky came on next and enjoyed an excellent start in lane 1.  Nige was also scoring consistently.  Chris Crewe was very quick, but like Pete in the first race struggled with contact, especially passing slower cars. 
Anyway it was down to the last set of races.  Dunc had finished on 33, Myself and Kirky didn't do enough to beat that score, we tied on 32 points, however Kirky took it on race wins.

Dave Ashworth new flying machine. Picture by new Denton Raceway official photographer Pete.
Heat 2 winner Duncan with promoter Heat 2 action - Chris, Dave and Dunc

Consolation - 9 racers were fighting for the last 2 places in final.  This was a great race!  Hil again looked steady and took the early lead.  I wasn't very far behind and took up an a lead going in to the 2nd lane change.  Cath had a great race and started to find her feet, the wins and seconds were
coming her way.  Dave was starting to get to grips with his new car and was enjoying his racing.  Pete, Chris and Gary were struggling and didn't look as stable as normal.  All 3 are big England fans, so maybe they were thinking about the game. Anyway in the end it was very close, Hil took a great win, followed by myself (only the second final I have been in at Denton!), but it was close Cath was 3rd, 1 point behind me!  Nige took 4th, Chris 5th followed by Dave, Gary and Pete.

Final Time - Richard took up the early running, his car was certainly on the pace and his new motor didn't look like it needed running in!  Nobody really got close to Richard, only Kirky could break away from yellow, but this was going to be Richards final.  There was some good close racing and the final points were close again. Richard easily took the win, followed by Kirky, Young Jon, Me, Dunc and Hil. Well done Richard.

Not a good idea to take phone calls while fielding, Is it Clair no its raining.
It's a tight line up for red tops.  Final Winner Richard with meeting sponsor Dave me promoter

GN - All drivers opted to race in this one.  This is a logistical nightmare, but regular drivers are now starting to get the hang of the change over.  Its still funny watching the change over, luckily not many racers were sponsored by Budweiser so it was a bit easier! Just looking at the score sheet now is making me dizzy.  No its not the Smirnoff Ice I had been sipping tonight (girls drink I hear a certain somebody say!!! get well Chaddy!!!! We miss you!) Mr GN ? Chris Crewe got his spare car going like a rocket to take a well earned win, followed by Gary and another Mr GN Dunc!  Dave took a strong 4th and looked better in his new car.  While the rest picked up the places.

Young Jon trying to pass Richard. GN Winner Chris with promoter

Another great race meeting at Denton, I know the footy didn't go England's way (does it ever at the later champ stages), but the racing was excellent and every racer got stuck in and helped out with fielding and scoring. Thanks guys!
Cath nearly laughed her head off trying to play football with a very small ball, Thanks to my mum and dad for the pies and sausage rolls ? yummy, I nearly got Rachael to race, maybe next time!!!
Again I had a fun night, there was lots of laughter ? I just wish the track were in a bigger room so more people could watch the racing. The next race meeting is Thursday 8th July, only 2 weeks away, then we have a summer break with the last Summer meeting being mid August.  I haven't seen the track championship yet, but Dunc has told me its getting close at the top. 

Thanks again guys. Roll on the next meet!!!
Jon 92.

More Pictures :-

Heat 1 Heat 2 Con Final GN
7 - Richard 6 - Dunc 73 - Hil 7 - Richard 15 - Chris
91 - Jon 46 - Kirky 92 - Jon 46 - Kirky 53 - Gary
73 - Hil 92 - Jon 38 - Cath 91 - Jon 6 - Dunc
53 - Gary 10 - BIG N 10 - BIG N 92 - Jon 93 - Dave
38 - Cath 15 - Chris 15 - Chris 6 - Dunc 92 - Jon
88 - Pete 93 - Dave 93 - Dave 73 - Hil 88 - Pete
389 - Steve   53 - Gary   389 - Steve
    389 - Steve   10 - BIG N
    88 - Pete   73 - Hil
        91 - Jon
        38 - Cath
        7 - Richard
        46 - Kirky