Sixth Meeting - Saturday 29th May 2004

Club Car Meeting

Day 2 and 10 racer were back for the club car meeting, Team Big young Jon and Chris Clark had stayed over, the track was actually put away to make room for the camp bed of tem Big. We also had fun in the morning at Sainsbury's restaurant with breakfast. Great breakfast though!!

The Club Cars

For the club cars meeting we staggered the starts so lane one started at superstar, lane  two at blue, lane three at yellow and lane 4 at white, we also picked for which car we would us adding to the fun. This worked last time and made really equal racing.

Side ways action from the club cars.
Heat 1 was won by Dunc and Heat 2 was won by Me, young Jon and Kirky also made it thought the heat and into the final. The club cars really suit the Denton track, if you can get lane four right you can really fly round and pick up the wins. The consolation was a tight race with Richard showing his experience and took the win from Big J (who was wearing his medal from the final win last night) Hil took a well deserved forth place and got better and better all day. 


On to the final and Dunc and Kirky were taking it far to seriously (only kidding lads) and Dunc took the win and the chocolates. Richard was throwing the bumper around and came last but enjoyed his racing.

Big J tyre testing Chris Clark trying a new approach in the GN

For the grand national I split the cars in to two heats with the top three going though to the grand national final. Again some chocolates were up for grabs for the winner. Team big raised there game (chocolate reward?) Big J won again to take the chocolates. Well done to Hil who had qualified for the grand national final. That was the last race of a great weekend of slot stox racing.

Final Winner Dunc and promoter.

Grand National Winner Big J and promoter.

The Denton track just gets better and better, the company was fantastic, thanks to all for helping the keep my flat tidy. Plenty of beer was drunk and a lot of laughs and fun to be had. My last prize was for entertainer of the weekend, Richard was a very close third but however there was a joint winners (more chocolates), Cath for her antics an Saturday why and how she kept falling over was a mystery and Kirky for taking some much stick but kept fighting till the end!!

Entertainer of the weekend award. Was shared between Cath on the left with the promoter for her ability to fall off walls, and Kirky on the right with the promoter for his all round performance.

Thank to you all, Can't wait for the next meeting and you never know we may get the track outside and under floodlights for that meeting?

JON 92 

Format Staggered start with lane 1 starting at Superstar, lane 2 at Blue, lane 3 at Yellow and lane 4 at white. 
Heat 1 Heat 2 Con Final
6 - Dunc 92 - Jon 7  - Richard 6 - Dunc
91 - Jon 46 - Kirky 64 - Big J 46 - Kirky
73 - Hil 10 - BIG N 24 - Chris 92 - Jon
24 - Chris 64 - Big J 73 - Hil 64 - Big J
7  - Richard 38 - Cath 38 - Cath 91 - Jon
    10 - BIG N 7  - Richard
GN Results
Format everyone starts at the blue line.
Heat 1 Heat 2 Final
6 - Dunc 10 - BIG N 64 - Big J
46 - Kirky 73 - Hil 10 - BIG N
7  - Richard 64 - Big J 46 - Kirky
38 - Cath 24 - Chris 6 - Dunc
92 - Jon 91 - Jon 73 - Hil
    7  - Richard

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